Custom Weld Craftsmanship & Quality

Our Warranty Exceeds Industry Standards!

Custom Weld is committed to unconditional quality throughout the construction of every one of our boats. Each boat is handcrafted by an expert staff of welders, riggers, finishers, upholsterers and detailers who take a great deal of pride in the performance and appearance of the finished product – quality consciousness which is abundantly clear when you look at the fit and finish of a Custom Weld Boat. The value of this craftsmanship helps to ensure your Custom Weld investment over the passing years, and it will be significantly greater than the equity held by similarly sized boats from other makers.

Of course, all the craftsmanship in the world would be of no value without materials of equal quality. That’s why Custom Weld uses only the finest fixtures and materials. Stainless steel fasteners, hinges and latches throughout assure you of long corrosion and rust free use. The highest quality marine grade vinyl and carpet are used to cover our lifetime warranted pressure-treated floors. Only the very best vinyl and top materials with handcrafted stainless steel or aluminum support bows are used in the production of our in-house completely towable boat tops. These are just a few additional examples of the quality and engineering that go into each Custom Weld Boat:

  • One-piece bottoms constructed of 5086 alloy marine aluminum
  • One-piece side and gunnel with laps for additional strength
  • Delta performance pad pressed into the bottom of the VIPER and COBRA models
  • Custom Weld radius bottoms and welded intakes are incorporated into the construction of the STORM and CUSTOM SERIES boats
  • Custom Weld Boats by name and reputation are known for innovative and specially designed equipment to fit unusual and particular boating needs, whether for agency, commercial or private use.